Kevin Hughes

"When I was beginning my career, my mentor Dawn Coppertino always told me to keep my mind open, and that I would never stop growing. I also saw how my mentor, even as successful as she was, always took the time to thank everyone around herincluding mefor even sweeping up her hair! That has kept me as a constant student in our art of hairstyling, to always keep my mind open to new ideas and I saw that in Shelby: Her willingness to keep an open mind and to not be afraid of trying something well as her kindness. Shelby and I worked together on this presentation, from inspiration, to mood, to collecting videos and photos that we were both drawn to. We then came up with a plan on how we could execute the looks. Mentoring is not just telling someone what to do, but to listen to their ideas and work on something spectacular together, two artists bouncing ideas off of one another is when magic can happen." – Kevin Hughes