Isabella Vazquez

"Dennielle LaForte’s energy and positive outlook on life is what drew me to choose her. She is another one of our young talents who gives her all and helps the new talents at DevaCurl shine like diamonds, as she is one herself. I love that she is not afraid even when she is nervous. She is a rebel that finds beauty all around her."

"Brian Hawthorne is a centered soul. One of my favorite quotes by Brian has been "I love to love and I hate, hate". He loves to help grow the new stylists coming into DevaCurl world and does it without fear or ego. He will be honoring Leo Passage in the glamour category with his finishing skills and eye for color." 

"Latoya Moore is a gift of beauty. She is a beautiful soul who looks at everything with beauty overlooking imperfections. This is why I chose to mentor her. She will bring a curl flavor to the Avant-Garde category while honoring Leo Passage." – Isabella Vázquez