Sabrina Hagenmüller

Pivot Point protege Sabrina Hagenmüller from Germany is a highly popular stage artist and top hair designer with the ability to create and teach others. Her expertise shines through with hair design, long hair and makeup. Fluent in English, she is passionate about photographic sessions for her models. She is a freelancer and business instructor sharing her knowledge with other designers.

Mentor — Yolly ten Koppel



1. How has your mentor guided/inspired you?  My mentor inspired me through the lifestyle she has. It’s the high-level of doing hair, while managing and organizing herself and a team around the world.  She is motivating and inspiring people through her passion. My mentor guided me by trusting me and my skills, and pushed me with constructive feedback.

2. What has been the best advice your mentor has given you? To always be myself and never copy anyone. 

3. What has been the most memorable moment in your career thus far?  Two moments: When Yolly told me that I got the chance to do the first international seminar as a trainer for PPI in Guam, and the second memorable moment was to stand on stage in front of 2,000 hairdressers!

4. What would be your best piece of advice for future professionals?  My advice is: get your goal and take each little step to achieve it.