Lindsey Balkovec

Lindsey Balkovec shares a rich history within the professional salon industry. As an Aquage educator and successful stylist in Omaha, NE for Garbos and with over 15 years of experience, Lindsey is well respected and has traveled extensively sharing her expertise. From intricate techniques to simple styles, Lindsey excels in helping other stylists hone their skills and become more successful.  Her passionate approach and attention to detail compliments her creativity, guaranteeing a highly enjoyable and educational experience.

Mentor — Luis Alvarez


1.Describe your vision of our Trilogy of Beauty presentation. I’ve always been mesmerized by the amazing geometry and beauty of faceted diamonds and used that as my inspiration for this design. When trying to create new ideas that are innovative, I always look to nature, fashion, architecture, and design. I see the world though the eyes of an artist, so if we pay attention, virtually anything in our in daily lives can inspire new ideas and solutions. I actually came up with the idea of constructing these diamond forms from looking at crafting kits designed for children. I created the design with the camera’s eye in mind–-I tried to envison and then optimize the way the forms would take the light when it was photographed.

2.How has your mentor guided/inspired you? Luis is like a father to all the Aquage team members – Always caring – sometimes dishing out stern advise. He encourages you to do things you thought you weren't quite ready for. Just knowing he believes in me, gives me the encouragement I need to push past any insecurities and try new things. He taught me to stay focused-–less talking, work in silence–-that's when great work happens. He’s also taught me to teach others and share what I’ve learned. He always says we should "show how, not show off". That has truly changed my whole career, changing the way I share knowledge with my clients and other artists. Working for Aquage, I’ve found that growing together as a team is much more rewarding and exciting than standing alone. In fact, one of Luis’ favorite quotes he shares with the team is “love what you do, love who you do it with, and love who you do it for.” 

3. What has been the best advice your mentor has given you? Like many artists, I have pages and pages of ideas in notebooks and notes in my phone reminding me about inspirational things I’ve seen because the world is full of visuals that inspire our creative minds. But many of my ideas never make it past the notebook stage. I'll never forget the day Luis heard about another idea of mine and he said "Lindsey, you will die with a notebook of ideas and it won't matter if no one gets to see your work…show me something!” That was when I really started creating.  

4. What has been the most memorable moment in your career thus far? One evening at dinner, after a long day working as part of the Aquage team at a show in Omaha NE, Luis and I were brainstorming about new ideas for styles and concepts for new techniques. Walking back from that dinner, I remember feeling so incredibly good to be a valued member of the Aquage team. After that conversation I developed new styles and I am so proud that one of them is now being featured to promote the upcoming America’s Beauty Show in Chicago this March.

5. What would be your best piece of advice for future professionals? My best piece of advice for beauty school students or recent graduates would be to never stop learning. Education keeps you refreshed and recharged, and as you become more proficient, you naturally gain confidence. So, invest in yourself with great education, great tools, and great products. Another quote from Luis that resonates with me is; "Only when you master tools, products and technique will you be confident that you can deliver predictable results." 

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