Stephanie Hernandez

Stephanie started her career at Technology Center of DuPage in Addison, IL, and quickly sought a job at Mario Tricoci in Bloomingdale, IL. In 2014. she became a Style Educator and is currently in charge of 10 students in addition to servicing guests at Mario Tricoci. Stephanie is passionate about teaching and continuing her own education.  

Mentor — John Gialluisi

1. Describe the vision of your Trilogy of Beauty presentation.  Our theme for this year was unorthodox Earth, and we took elements from nature to create our look. The sedimentary rock vision inspired the finger-wave style. The foundation of this look was technical, but it was executed with a style that almost looks “undone."

2. How has your mentor guided/inspired you?  My mentor has inspired me in so many ways since the beginning stages of my career. It’s amazing how someone with so much experience in this industry can be so humble and love what they do. When someone combines their passion and career into one, it makes it look so easy and inspires you to believe it can be achieved with hard work. If he doesn’t already know, he has allowed me to stay true to myself as a stylist. He guided me with care, educated me and saw my drive and passion. When someone looks out for your best interest, it is very motivating and allowed me to find my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. When you put education and great guidance in the mix, it allows you to push yourself into being happy and be the kind of leader that leads by example.

3. What has been the best advice your mentor has given you?  “The best advice that my mentor has given me is to stay true to yourself. Never lose yourself in this world and realize that everyone has different goals and different paths to achieve them. I was taught to always remember that you can learn something from anyone at any time. 

4. What has been the most memorable moment in your career thus far?  The most memorable moment in my life was the first year of my stylist career when Amanda and I competed in TrendVision. Although we did not place first, in that moment I was submerged in a rush of happiness and excitement. TrendVision takes a lot of work so it is very rewarding when someone recognizes your artistry. We took an ordinary girl and turned her into a futuristic goddess by working as a team. At that moment I knew I had made the right decision in becoming a stylist.

5. What would be your best piece of advice for future professionals?  I would tell recent graduates to take their career seriously. Your entire career could be compared to building a house. The foundation needs to be firm before you can build on it. What you do now will affect you later. Never let anyone cloud your vision or get in your path, don’t lose yourself or let anyone get into your head. Remember, you are a student for life so put an emphasis on continuing your education so that you can grow.


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