Joey Rodrigues

Joey Rodrigues is a graduate from Paul Mitchell the school Costa Mesa, CA. After graduating on the Honors and Dean’s List, he began his cosmetology career working under the direction of Jerry Chang with Carlton Hair Salons. Joey was later offered the opportunity to work with Paul Mitchell Advanced Education.  Providing education and hands-on guidance to new and upcoming cosmetologist. Joey has assisted many well-known stylists in the business including; Lucie Doughty, Diana Schmidtke, and Stephanie Kocielski. For the past four years Joey has been volunteering his time to being the lead hairstylist for Orange County School of the Arts annual fundraising gala, he was recently recognized for his efforts at the 2014 Season Finale Performance. Joey continually strives to grow as a hairstylist and can’t wait for the future holds.  

Mentor — Diana Schmidtke 



1. Describe the vision of your Trilogy of Beauty presentation. Our vision is about breaking free from the norm. Being who you want to be without boundaries. Living in a world were limits are put on individuals every day, we are here to share with you a limitless imagination though art and beauty.

2. How has your mentor guided/inspired you?  I met Diana when I was in cosmetology school and was so inspired by her approach to this amazing industry. Starting off as a colorist to becoming the men’s grooming expert that she is today, she is truly inspirational. I cherish her continued support and her wonderful friendship.

3. What has been the best advice your mentor has given you?  The best advice that Diana has given me is to always continue to learn, learn, and then learn some more. Push yourself to try something new and if something's not working, change it. 

4. What has been the most memorable moment in your career thus far?  Teaching is my passion. Seeing beauty school students grow from their first day with the basics to congratulating them when they finish their beauty school hours is such a heartwarming experience. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

5. What would be your best piece of advice for future professionals?  Learn something new, every day. This is an awesome industry where trends are always changing. Staying up to date is only going to make you that much better. Push yourself, stay humble, and stay true to who you are as an artist.





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