Patrick Chai

After graduating from Harvard, Patrick moved to Los Angeles to work as a software engineer. Unfulfilled, he discovered a love for hairstyling.  In 2013, he won the U.S. American Crew All-Star Challenge.  He now works at Michaeljohn Salon, is an educator for Crew, and is represented by Exclusive Artists Management.

Mentor — Sarah Adams


1. Describe the vision of your Trilogy of Beauty presentation. The vision is to create a strong collection and cohesively tie the three different looks of streetwear, underground, and avant garde to the main classifications of cuts at American Crew, including trend, classic, street, and sport.

2. How has your mentor guided/inspired you? Sarah leads by example. She is constantly pushing the envelope with her craft, involving herself consistently in both editorial and runway work.

3. What has been the best advice your mentor has given you? To keep moving forward on bad days, even though there aren’t many with American Crew.

4. What has been the most memorable moment in your career thus far? My most memorable moment was standing on stage in front of hundreds of people and being crowned the winner of the 2013 U.S. American Crew All Star Challenge. I had never won a national title before, and the victory opened many doors and took my career to another level.

5. What would be your best piece of advice for future professionals? The great thing about this industry is that you can take it as fast and as far as you make it. There’s not much of a ceiling, and you create your own path. Go after what you want and be persistent.